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Nose-To-Tail At Tiger!Tiger!; Restaurant Switcheroo In OB

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NORTH PARKTiger!Tiger! has just released the menu for their upcoming Nose to Tail Beer Dinner on Monday, April 29. Chef Todd Renner from Blind Lady Ale House and Tiger!Tiger's head chef, Sharon Wilson, are collaborating on a five course, beer-paired dinner that celebrates the Berkshire pig. The family-style meal includes pork cracklings at every table and starts with house made headcheese served with crispy pig ears, the main course is porchetta cooked up in their wood-fired oven and dessert is a lard-crusted local fruit pie. Tickets are $59 plus gratuity. [EaterWire]

OCEAN BEACH— The Olive Tree Marketplace owned Kecho's Cafe, which served greek and Mediterranean cuisine, has shuttered and announced a partnership with Sundara, an Ocean Beach Indian food pop-up which will be taking over the Sunset Cliffs Boulevard space. Though Kecho's website posts the reopening date as May 8, we're hearing that Sundara may keep operating from their nearby location at Point Loma Beach Cafe for a few more weeks. [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWNDonovan's Prime Seafood has just launched a new full-service oyster bar which seats eight. Their "oyster-tender," shucks up 14 different oysters from all over the country and Donovan's has created a special cocktail sauce-alternative, a house made watermelon mignonette to pair with them. [EaterWire]


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