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It's Friday Fry Day: Here Are Your Top 5 Favorites

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Photo via Bankers Hill Bar + Restaurant

So we've been talking ourselves silly about burgers, but what about a burger's best buddy, the French fry? Does it matter if they're fresh or frozen, what shape they're in or what they're fried in? We asked you to weigh in with your favorites, and the following list of the finest fried potatoes is the result of site polls, reader e-mails and a lot of intense, fry-related conversation.

Without further ado, here are your Top 5 Fries in San Diego:
1. Bankers Hill Bar + Restaurant, Truffle-Parmesan Fries: These Kennebec potatoes are cut thin, twice fried, finished with high-quality truffle oil, grated parmesan and herbs and served with a truffled mayo. They're available as a starter or as an add-on to their BH Burger. Chef Carl Schroeder has been perfecting these fries for years; Eater remembers having a great version at Arterra back when he helmed the kitchen there.
2. The Smoking Goat, Duck Fat Truffle Fries: Fried in a blend of oil and rendered duck fat, these fresh-cut fries get a final dusting of pecorino romano and herbs before they're served with mustard aioli. They come alongside the restaurant's burger on brioche or can be ordered as an appetizer. (For North County fry fans, the duck fat fries with black garlic aioli at Encinitas' Craftsman Tavern are also well-liked.)

3. Cafe Chloe, Pommes Frites: The skinnier-than-a-shoestring fries are served on their own with frizzled leeks and a trio of dipping sauces (watercress aioli, harissa ketchup and saffon aioli), paired with Belgian mussels or employed as a tasty vehicle for meat-juice on the bistro's steak frites plate.
4. Monkey Paw Pub & Brewery, Waffle Fries: A heap of these always-crispy, fun to eat waffle-cut fries comes with Monkey Paw's admirable cheesesteak sandwiches. They can be ordered topped with cheese or a pile of shredded pork. What could make them better? How about a house-brewed craft beer?
5. O'Brien's Pub, Beer Battered Garlic Fries: This souped-up, extra indulgent version of the Kearny Mesa pub's garlic and cheese-topped fries got a lot of write-in votes. The fresh garlic's delicious, but potent; bring mints.
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Bankers Hill Bar + Restaurant

2202 4th Ave San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 231-0222