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Slider Power Hour: Sliders Take Shape At Soda & Swine

sodaandswinelogo%20small.jpgWho said sliders need to have perfectly-pressed patties? For Normal Heights' new Soda & Swine, sticking a rotund meatball between buns is the way to go. You can play a culinary mix and match game with Soda & Swine's menu but the kitchen also has some curated meat-cheese-and sauce combinations; The Bovine, a classic pairing of beef with marinara and mozzarella, is its No. 1 seller and Jason McLeod, corporate chef at Consortium Holdings, says that The Hen, chicken meatballs with mushroom cream and provolone, is another fan favorite. Sliders are $3 each, but the meatballs also come in a submarine roll, a la carte or atop spaghetti. And more meatball varieties are coming; McLeod says to "Keep an eye out for vegan and lamb meatball options in the near future." -Tierney Plumb