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Slider Power Hour: Battle Of The Beachfront Sliders

Mission Boulevard is home to two burger joints that tout their sliders. There's Sliders Burger, which serves up a single slider option, a classic version topped with grilled onions and optional add-ons like bacon or cheese and a mile north is another contender: Diego's Dogs & Sliders, where you can choose from the Red Rock (a beef patty topped with cheddar, bacon, crispy fried onion rings and secret sauce or the Gobbler (ground turkey, garlic and portabello mushrooms). Both seem neck and neck; Diego's Dogs and Sliders has four stars on Yelp and fancier options, while Sliders Burger has three and a half stars, later hours and one Yelper hands it the title of the "West Coast White Castle." You be the judge; who'd come out on top in the sliders ring? -Tierney Plumb