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Burger Week Rolls On With A New Meatball Burger

The Meatball Burger at Soda & Swine, courtesy photo

As Burger Week 2013 nears its end (thanks for bearing with us, we'll be back to our regular programming soon), here's a tasty new special at Soda & Swine, kindly added by chef Jason McLeod just for Eater San Diego's Burger Week.

Available now through Sunday, April 21 is Soda & Swine's Meatball Burger ($8). Though their meatballs are usually sider-sized, this limited edition burger is a hefty sandwich anchored by a toasted Amish bun. The patty-shaped meatball is a blend of Angus beef brisket, veal, ricotta, parmesan, chives and thyme; on top, there's American cheese, applewood smoked bacon, pickled zucchini and chipotle mayonnaise.

Order your Meatball Burger at Soda & Swine but find a seat and a place to eat it next door at Polite Provisions, where you can pair it with a craft beer or cocktail.

And where's the chef's favorite burger? It's at Beaumont's Eatery in Bird Rock; the Beaumont Burger is 1/2 pound patty of ground veal, beef and pork that gets flavored with sun-dried tomato puree (it also made Eater's list of the 15 NEW San Diego Burgers To Try ). McLeod says the tomato gives the meat " a nice tang and sharpness, plus they add feta to the burger, which I love."
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Soda & Swine

2943 Adams Ave San Diego, CA 92116