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Hanis Cavin's Favorite Burger

carnitas%20logo.jpgAt Carnitas' Snack Shack, a popular menu staple is chef/owner Hanis Cavin's Snack Shack burger, a beef patty topped with white cheddar, bacon jam and house made aioli. When he gets a hankering for a burger that doesn't come out of his kitchen, he zips down University Avenue on his orange scooter to El Sol, a no-frills Mexican restaurant with a well-liked old school burger. Cavin likes the way the cook seasons the meat and sears it on a flat top, and calls the combination of the patty and melted cheese together "yum and yum"; he's also a fan of El Sol's crinkle-cut fries. BTW, have you had chef Cavin's Eater San Diego Burger, his new pork burger with pork belly special dreamed up just for our Burger Week? Do your stomach a favor, try one. [~ESD~]