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Burgers By The Numbers In San Diego

How many burgers does Burger Lounge sell in a week? How many pounds of bacon does Slater's 50/50 go through? What's the most popular milkshake at The Counter? This and more vital burger-related information below, as Eater breaks down BURGERS BY THE NUMBERS.

We got the details from the most popular local outposts of three of San Diego's favorite burger-centric eateries; Burger Lounge in Little Italy, Slater's 50/50 in Liberty Station and Carlsbad's The Counter.

Burger Lounge

Most popular burger: Lounge Burger
Burgers sold per week: 4,000
Pounds of meat per week: 1000 pounds
Meat supplier: Rain Crow Ranch/SunFed Ranch
Gallons of ketchup: 35 gallons
Gallons of mustard: 2 gallons
Lettuce per week:250 pounds
Tomatoes per week:300 pounds
Onions per week:400 pounds
Most popular milkshake: Chocolate
Potatoes per week: 2,500 pounds
Cheese per week: 150 pounds of organic American and organic White Cheddar

Busiest day of the week: Saturday
The most quiet: Tuesday
· Burger Lounge [Official Site]

Slater's 50/50

Most popular burger: Slater's 50/50 Burger (50% bacon, 50% ground beef)
Burgers sold per week: 3584
Pounds of meat per week: ?4130 pounds (bacon and beef)
Meat supplier: ?Sterling Silver
Gallons of ketchup per week: 24 gallons
Gallons of mustard per week: 24 gallons
Pickles per week: 6,000 pickles
Most popular milkshakes: ?Our Guinness® Mint Chocolate shake
Cheese per week:? 628 pounds
Busiest day of the week: Saturday
The most quiet: Monday (when football isn't in season)
· Slater's 50/50 [Official Site]

The Counter

Most popular burger: 1/3 lb build your own beef burger
Burgers sold per week: 4,000
Pounds of meat per week: 1,700
Most popular sauce: Chipotle Aioli
Lettuce per week: 260 pounds
Tomatoes per week: 950 pounds
Onions per week: 400 pounds
Pickles per week: 220 pickles
Most popular shake: Birthday shake
Potatoes per week: 1,000 pounds
Cheese per week: 3000 slices
· The Counter [Official Site]