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Talk To Us About French Fries

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Burger Week is on the way at Eater and we want to hear from you! Get ready for some serious burger action on this page, starting next week.

Here, we're giving you a last opportunity to chime in when it comes to a burger's best friend, who do you think does the best work with French fries? Lots of folks swear by the skinny pommes frites at Cafe Chloe, MIHO Gastrotruck's hand cut, twice fried rendition, Monkey Paw's waffle fries or the sliced potatoes fried in duck fat from The Smoking Goat.

San Diego is a town lousy with burger joints; we're asking for your new burger discoveries too. Sure, there are classics like Hodad's and Rocky's, but have you been wowed by any burgers that have just come onto the scene in the last year? Share any new burger discoveries in the comments or drop us a line.

Eater San Diego wants to hear who serves the best new burgers and the finest French fries, so please leave us your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to tell us why.

Thanks for your input, we'll be back to report on your findings and share some of our favorites too!
[The Smoking Goat via Facebook]