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Sausages Your Way, Or Theirs, At New Salt & Cleaver

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Carlos SanMartano, courtesy photo

Salt & Cleaver is just making a few finishing touches to their Hillcrest space to get in ready for their official opening, scheduled for next week.

To get you in the mood, the new eatery's executive chef, Carlos SanMartano, is sharing a first look at the menu. He's put together a list of 19 sausage varieties — IPA bratwurst, spicy chicken, lamb merguez, sweet Sicilian — that you can customize with house made toppings and sauces, including sauerkraut, roasted hot peppers, smoked brown ale mustard and their signature S&C sauce, which the chef says is "our take on ketchup, only better". SanMartano sautees onions, garlic and fennel with coriander, black pepper and mustard seed, stews the aromatics with fresh tomatoes and ancho and chipotle chilies, and finishes the sauce with vinegar and a little molasses.

Salt & Cleaver also has a handful of chef-curated sausages, like an ode to a Chicago dog, with house made pickles, tomato, onion and celery salt on a steamed poppy seed bun or a multi-meat concoction, the Duck.Duck.Pig., a duck and and bacon sausage topped with duck confit and orange marmalade.

You won't be limited just to sausages in sandwich form; one of SanMartano's dishes features an herbed quinoa and roasted pepper salad topped with a hot Italian link and poached egg. And look for upcoming chef's specials including shells with meatballs or kale-stuffed peppers with cauliflower puree. For dessert, Salt & Cleaver's sticking with the classics — apple pie, brownies and a banana split.
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Salt & Cleaver Menu

Salt & Cleaver

3805 Fifth Avenue San Diego, CA