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Building A Better Cocktail, Then A Distillery

Photo via Kickstarter

RX Bitters Co. wants to make your cocktails more interesting. Founded by three local bartenders: Ryan Andrews (Craft & Commerce), Brett Winfield (Seven Grand), and Eric Lockridge (Prepkitchen Little Italy), the company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund commercial production of their core flavors— Cherry Apple, old-fashioned Sarsaparilla and the citrus and vanilla-tinged Aromatic #7.

If their fundraising exceeds the initial goal, the trio wants to expand the RX Bitters Co. line to include smoked pineapple, peach and apple bitters (made from wood-smoking dehydrated fruit) and herbal essences that have matured in whiskey and wine barrels.

Andrews shared with Eater that their ultimate ambition is to open a distillery, where they'll make the base spirits for their bitters and produce gin, whiskey and fernet, a bitter digestif that's a favorite after-shift drink of many a bartender and chef. The distillery will be called Golden State Spirits; a location is still being scouted.
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