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Fire-Eaters, Stilt Walkers, Flamenco Dancers...and Food

For anyone who missed last weekend's epic Street Food event at the San Diego Public Market, one of the market's thank-you rewards for its Kickstarter funders, here's a fun little video recap of the afternoon, courtesy of chef co-chair Andrew Spurgin.

Amidst the mariachi bands, the afore-mentioned fire-eaters, stilt walkers, flamenco dancers, and a petting zoo, there was food, lots and lots of food.

Over 44 chefs, bartenders and baristas fed more than 650 people, including 170 Kickstarter guests and over 500 tickets sold to the public. Melissa Mayer, the event's other chef co-chair, helped to coordinate the participation of several chefs from Tijuana and Baja to join the San Diego chef contingent; she told Eater that the two areas are "united by not just region, but by our collective passions; at the heart of that is a community rich in food and culture." And Spurgin said that he'd "never seen more talent in one place in San Diego."

Next up, market founders Catt Fields White and Dale Steele are scheduling a movie night for April 26 and finalizing leases with tenants who are interested in setting up permanent full-time shop spaces.

San Diego Public Market

1735 National Ave. San Diego, CA 92113