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Where Are San Diego's Best Sandwiches?

El Gallito via Food and Us

We've had some recent sandwich-related inquiries to the tipline, so we'd like to open the floor to our dear Eater friends.

Sure, we love our burgers and tacos in San Diego, but what's your favorite kind of local deliciousness found between two slices of bread?

Is it a banh mi at K Sandwiches, a torta from the El Gallito food truck, a fish sandwich at Blue Water or Carnitas' Snack Shack's "Triple Threat" pork extravaganza?

If you had to choose an Iconic Sandwich to represent San Diego, what would it be?

Share your thoughts in the comments or send them in via the tipline. We'll collect the best responses, mix in a few of our own favorites and turn the whole thing into an essential guide that you can eat by.