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Who Took This Flower Planter From Jayne's Gastropub?

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Hey now, it's time for Shit People Steal, a fun feature in which bar owners and restaurateurs tell Eater San Diego about what items in their restaurant have been (or are frequently) stolen. Send your own story our way.

If you see this beautiful blooming planter suddenly show up somewhere in the neighborhood or on a friend's front porch, please let Jayne's Gastropub know; co-owner Jon Erickson writes, "Last week, one of our hanging planters was stolen off the front of our building at 3:30 p.m. during our dinner service setup. It was eight feet up in the air and weighed 70 lbs., but somehow they got if off."

He went on to tell Eater that the fresh roses that decorate their tabletops are often stolen, but Erickson generously calls that "understandable".

The planter in question is one of four that hang outside the restaurant; you can bet Jayne's will be keeping a vigilant eye during their wine tasting event this weekend, in case someone attempts to complete the set.
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