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Downtown's Donut Bar Opens in March, Yum

Photo via Donut Bar's Facebook page

If you, like Eater, have been dreaming of donuts ever since we announced the arrival of downtown's Donut Bar; be patient, it's almost donut time.

Owner Santiago Campa, a Food & Beverage vet of some big name hotels (his partner, Wendy Bartels, is Donut Bar's head baker), gave Eater a vital donut update: they expect to be open by early March.

What'll you find at Donut Bar? Campa is installing an eight foot maple table in the front window of the store; you'll get to watch the donuts being made and be assured that there's always a freshly-baked batch coming out the oven. The shop will open at 7 a.m. and close when the day's dough has all been baked and sold, likely around 1 or 2 p.m.; if some leftovers remain, Donut Bar hopes to donate those to a local food bank.

A set menu of six standard donut flavors will always be available (an old fashioned with Meyer lemon glaze is one of them), along with two specialty donuts (creme brulee donut holes filled with vanilla custard) that'll rotate regularly; to wash it all down, a fountain dispenser of strawberry and chocolate milk.
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Donut Bar

631 B Street, San Diego, California 92101