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Heights Tavern Nearly Ready To Feed Normal Heights

[All photos by Chris Rov Costa Photography]

Heights Tavern is just days away from opening its doors to the hungry residents of Normal Heights and beyond; owner Bill McHugh says that they'll start with lunch and dinner (the kitchen will hum until 1 a.m., nightly), and look to begin weekend breakfast service in a month or so.

The restaurant's chef, Abe Botello, says he's particularly excited about their wet fries, made fresh in-house and smothered with sauces (gravy, BBQ) and toppings (cheese curds, braised short ribs); he's also added a caramel creme brulee to the menu. Heights Tavern is sourcing from Bread & Cie and Specialty Produce, and vegetarians might be glad to know that the kitchen plans to keep a fryer and flat-top dedicated to meat-free cooking.

Entertainment comes in the form of 15 T.V.'s and a corner DJ booth that'll play host to live mix masters on the weekends. Heights Tavern's crew was hoping to finish up their back patio and "fire wall" feature by opening time, but there are still plenty of seats, nearly 200, to be found.

Blind Tiger Cocktail Co.'s Adam Stemmler crafted the tavern's signature drinks, which include a maple-sweetened old fashioned that gets a final float of brown ale and a tequila cocktail with watermelon syrup and a couple dashes of fennel bitters.
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