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Flowers & Finials Snatched From The Red Door

Welcome to Shit People Steal, a fun feature in which bar owners and restaurateurs tell Eater San Diego about what items in their restaurant have been (or are frequently) stolen.

red%20door.jpg[Finial-less chairs via The Red Door Restaurant and Wine Bar]

Eater continues to be astonished at the stories we get about what people will steal; nothing seems to be off-limits, or too strange. We suppose everything is fair game for someone with larcenist tendencies.

Case in point is this latest installment of Shit People Steal from Trish Watlington. Watlington, the owner of The Red Door Restaurant and Wine Bar, tells Eater about the brazen thievery that goes on right under the restaurant's nose.

She writes, "I've been amazed at what people will steal, everything from the salt and pepper shakers, flowers right off a table (really, not kidding), to the lovely decorative boxes and tissue box holder in the ladies room (were in the ladies room). We've had folks steal both our plants (dug right out of their boxes) and our planters, and a darling little bench intended to seat waiting guests was stolen from right in front of the restaurant during service. But recently, we reached the pinnacle of our incredulity when we noticed that someone had stolen the finials off the top of the back of a chair. Now mind you, that involved unscrewing them from the chair sometime while they were dining. Quite a remarkable feat, in my opinion."
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The Red Door Restaurant and Wine Bar

741 W Washington St San Diego, CA 92103 (619) 295-6000