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Soap Stealers and Check Weight Thieves

Welcome to Shit People Steal, a fun feature in which bar owners and restaurateurs tell Eater San Diego about what items in their restaurant have been (or are frequently) stolen.SILVER%20KNOBS.jpg

Café Chloe co-owner, Tami Ratliffe, tells Eater about the recurring issue plaguing the East Village bistro; people compulsively steal the decorative check weights they use in the restaurant.

Here she is to explain in her own words, "We started out with the most beautiful check weights, which were pieces of art by designer Jan Barboglio.

After that $1000 experiment was over, we moved to these beautiful little knobs (a great weight) those were gone in a flash and we bought out Pottery Barn until they were discontinued. Then we moved to antique forged iron curtain rings. Two months and 100 rings later, we are at a loss. Since we love beautiful objects, we are now considering commissioning Jan Barboglio again, but we will have her install LoJack into each one.

People also take the Café Chloe signature soap and lotion from our bathroom. We get why you would steal that, after all, who wouldn't want to smell nice. But what are you going to do with a knob?"

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