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What's On The Menu at North Park's New Tacos Perla?

Tacos Perla is still awaiting their move-in date, estimated for March 2014, but Eater has the latest details on this new eatery from the owners of The Pearl that will be occupying a ground floor space in The North Parker, joining confirmed outposts from UnderBelly and Influx Cafe.

First off, meet their "official ambassador" Gomez, a zonkey (zebra-donkey hybrid), who'll be a focal point of their brand identity. Tacos Perla">Tacos Perla's taco-only menu will be succinct. Three rotating selections will be seasonal fillings created by The Pearl's chef, Jaison Burke, joined by authentic versions of carne asada and pork adobada tacos; flavors promise to be authentic and priced accessibly.

The 750-square-foot space will also serve homemade aguas frescas, Mexican craft beer and micheladas. For now, the L.W.P. Group is focusing on launching this North Park location before they consider expanding the concept.
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Taco Perla

3000 Upas Street, Suite E, San Diego, California 92104