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Kitchen 4140 Shuttered But Is Hoping To Reopen

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Eater readers wrote in to lament the shuttering of Kitchen 4140, which would have celebrated their third anniversary this month. A sign posted at the Morena Boulevard eatery on October 29 cited "health and other major obstacles" as the reason for their closing.

It's been a tumultuous couple of years for owner and chef, Kurt Metzger, who suffers from severe retrograde amnesia due to a car accident.

But this may not be the end for Kitchen 4140; on their Facebook page, the restaurant wrote that they have been "looking very hard for investors or partners to keep the dream alive."

Metzger's wife, Syrisa, tells Eater that they had "a few setbacks and needed to close down for the time being, but if all goes well, we plan on opening next Wednesday."

The owners should have confirmation of their reopening shortly; we'll update when we get word.
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[Photo via Cafe Virtuoso]

Kitchen 4140

4140 Morena Blvd. Suite A San Diego, California 92117