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Stand-Up Mal Hall on His Pizza Fetish

Welcome to Comedian Confidential, a new feature for Eater San Diego in which local comics (or those with local roots) discuss their favorite restaurants and more.

Rising comedian Mal Hall, a San Diego native, proudly calls himself a "boob man and pizza lover." Now living in L.A., Mal makes it back to his home town every month for his self-produced comedy show at The Tipsy Crow (the next one is Nov. 29). The oldest of four is also big at college campuses across the country. Time to find out what this pie connoisseur loves to eat in San Diego.

Where are your go-to spots for dining? I love pizza and Mexican food, so when I'm in San Diego, the can't miss, must have food places to me are Basic Pizza in East Village, Don Carlos Taco Shop in La Jolla, and Crazee Burger in North Park! Covers the gamut of all the major food groups: pizza, Mexican, burgers, and cold beer!

We ran into each other earlier this year in Little Italy as you were ordering a slice at Landini's. How does San Diego's pizza stack up to other U.S. cities? San Diego has really good pizza. I wouldn't go crazy like TripAdvisor did earlier this year and say "Best in the Country," but there are several exceptional pizzerias in town. The top three in this pizza connoisseur's mind are as follows: 1. Basic, East Village (thin crust Connecticut style); 2. Zia Gourmet Pizza, Normal Heights (Gourmet/Artisan style); 3. Blue Ribbon Artisan Pizzeria, Encinitas (farm to plate Neapolitan-style pizza). I eat the crust at all those places. That's how you know they're good!

Where do you like to hang out in San Diego after your shows? I like hanging out at any bar where they know my name! Cheers style! It makes drinking WAY more economically friendly.

What is your go-to drink? Stoli Elit and soda. Smoothest vodka I've ever had in my life.

What drink request from dates makes you groan? The drink order that makes me groan on a date, or just in regular life is "I don't drink." WHAT?! Be an adult and get wasted like/with the rest of us!

What are some things going for San Diego's bar/restaurant scene that LA doesn't have? Vice versa? There are a TON of really good farm-to-table places popping up in San Diego and celebrity chefs are making their homes in my home town. There are tons of choices for any dietary needs that you may have, even those pesky and annoying vegan/gluten free people (I'm vegetarian, we look down on "those people")! I can't speak on the LA scene, because I really don't go out when I'm there, not a huge fan of the city or the people...#BeatLA
-- Tierney Plumb