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New Restaurant Coming to North Park AND South Park

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Meet MidPark, a new restaurant dropping into the stretch of 30th street that connects the North Park and South Park communities, in a 2,500-square-foot space that housed a laundromat for many years.

Though proprietor Frank Sciuto and his business partner hope the restaurant will resonate with residents of both neighborhoods, they also think the 25-car parking lot might entice folks from other parts of San Diego.

Demolition at MidPark has just begun, and Scuito says he's aiming for the restaurant to be open by Spring 2014. The menu is in development, but it'll be "elevated comfort food" that spans from American cuisine to French, Italian, Asian and Mexican dishes. This is a new solo venture for Sciuto, who owns and operates Tio Leo's with his family.

Also planned, a 10 x 25 foot patio on the Redwood Street side of the building. Though they've yet to finalize their hours of operation, MidPark may be open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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3111 30th Street San Diego, Ca 92014