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Little Italy's New Breakfast Joint, Harbor Cafe, Delayed

When news broke that Little Italy was getting a welcome new breakfast spot this fall, waffle lovers rejoiced. But a delay on approvals means flapjacks won't fly at Harbor Breakfast for a few more months.

"We are still in the permit process and eager to get started?for a possible opening date now closer to the turn of the year," said Ted Smith, owner of the 1,100-square-foot breakfast and lunch diner coming to the bustling corner of India and Beech streets.

Chef Eddie Hernandez revealed that nearly 100 percent of the menu will be organic, from its veggies to California wild rice and grass-fed beef patties and steaks sourced from nearby farms.

"I'm just really happy I can find all my ingredients and products from reputable local folks," he said. "We will roast all our meats; most of our homemade items are simple to make, so why not."

He made some tweaks to the original menu, like deciding not to grill all sandwiches and changing cheeses on some omelets. "Small changes that will make a difference with the end product," he said.

New additions include a raw salad with shredded zucchini, radish, asparagus, cucumber, carrots and seasonal sprouts, as well as a succotash dish. Off-menu specials will include seasonal fish, T-bone steaks and "gorgeous filets" for breakfast.

Pancakes, biscuits and muffins won't be the only items made fresh. "When we mean we are cooking from 'scratch' we mean we will even be making our own organic almond milk," he revealed. Other beverages will include organic fresh-squeezed juices, as well as mimosas and local beers on tap.

Perhaps Hernandez, who hails from downtown's La Casita Mexican Diner and The Wine Pub in Point Loma, wants to go the extra mile because his favorite cuisine happens to be the first meal of the day.
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-Tierney Plumb

Harbor Breakfast

1502 India St. San Diego, CA 92101