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Drink, Eat & Play at New Coin-Op Game Room NOW

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[Photos: Nikki Stout]

If you've been excitedly following along with our Coin-Op coverage, the wait is over. The new arcade bar officially rolls up its 30th Street-facing garage doors to the game-playing public today. Operating hours will be 4 p.m. to 1 a.m.; they'll open during the day on Saturdays and Sundays starting next weekend.

Brought to you by The Lion Share's Hassan Mahmood, your inner-child's ultimate playroom in North Park includes over 25 classic arcade games and two pinball machines, 20 beer taps, craft cocktails and an eclectic snack-centric menu.

RX Bitters' Ryan Andrews and Eric Lockridge are behind a drink list of classics (Old Fashioned, Bee's Knees) and original cocktails which include Bourbon is the New Black, blackberries muddled with bourbon, Fernet and lemon and weekly seasonal cocktails made with ingredients sourced from the North Park farmer's market.
In the Coin-Op kitchen, which is open until midnight, The Lion's Share's exec chef, Scott Mickelson, is cooking up between-game bites that range from snacks on sticks (cheese-stuffed meatballs, beef satay, Cuban croquettes) to local yellowtail, grassfed beef or pulled pork sliders and French bread pizza. Popcorn comes mole or maple-bacon flavored and fresh-fried funnel cakes can be doctored up, "Royal Style" with strawberry sauce, cocoa nibs and honey.

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Coin-Op Game Room

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