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Are These the Top 10 Burgers in All of San Diego?

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Over at Serious Eats, A Hamburger Today's Erin Jackson declares her definitive list of the Top 10 Burgers in San Diego, illustrated with a food porn-y slideshow.

Meaty masterpieces from at Prepkitchen, Davanti Enoteca and The Red Door all get a nod, as does Nicky Rotten's bruschetta burger, with its topping of cheese-encased tomatoes.

The Shack Burger, just about the only non pork-centric dish at Carnitas' Snack Shack (though it does have a smear of bacon jam), also makes the list along with The Lodge at Torrey Pines' Drugstore Burger, a chef and Eater favorite. And a veggie burger, from Southpaw Social Club, sneaks into the tenth spot.

But Jackson bestows her number one honor to the bacon cheeseburger at Hodad's, a local landmark that's also a frequent Guy Fieri haunt.

What say you, Eater readers? Does this list jibe with yours? Bestow your burger knowledge upon us in the comments.
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