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What is San Diego's Most Underrated Restaurant?

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Cafe Secret by Candice Woo

As we sift through the 100+ comments and e-mails (way to go, people!) to our What is San Diego's Most Overrated Restaurant poll, we thought we'd balance the scales by asking you to tell us What is San Diego's Most Underrated Restaurant?

What's your favorite hidden gem that mostly flies under the radar, but is worth of more acclaim? We're looking for spots that just haven't got much recognition yet, even though they might deserve it. What eatery should be more popular than it currently is?

In this open thread, share your picks for the most underrated restaurants (and why) in town by leaving a comment below or emailing your votes to the tipline. When a critical mass of responses has been reached, we'll round up the top vote-getters into a handy-dandy map.