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Brad Pitt Totally Ate an Apple Fritter From Donut Bar

According to Donut Bar, Brad Pitt loves apple fritters. The actor's assistant apparently stopped into the buzzed-about downtown donut shop on Sunday to pick up a fritter expressly for Pitt, who is reportedly filming on a San Diego-area ranch.

In his honor, Donut Bar's $3 apple fritter will henceforth be known as the "Brad Fritt-er".

Donut Bar owner Santiago Campa told Eater that the new celebrity version of the fritter includes a topping of bacon (because he heard Pitt's a fan) in addition to its caramel drizzle. And while we're on the subject of Brad Pitt and food; check out this ridiculous compilation of what the actor's eaten on screen.
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[Photo via Facebook]

Donut Bar

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