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San Diego Night Market To Expand, Return In Spring

Over 15,000 people turned out for last weekend's San Diego Night Market, impressive for a first-time event.

Held in a corner of the Zion Market parking lot from 5 to 11 p.m., the San Diego Night Market attracted 46 vendors, including SuperNatural Sandwiches and Pangea Cafe. Some lines for food were interminably long; Eater managed to score some good eats from the Bali Thai/Snooty Asian booth but couldn't bring ourselves to wait for more. The huge turnout undoubtedly surprised many of the vendors; in the beer garden, two out of the three participating breweries ran out of beer by 8 p.m.

Hosted in part by the Convoy District, the Night Market aimed to recreate the hawker stalls of Asia and promote the neighborhood as a cultural, dining, and economic hub. Judging by the throngs of people it was a success; restaurants up and down Convoy Street were bustling with business throughout the night.

Organizers say that the Night Market could return as soon as Spring 2014, and they plan to expand the footprint of the market by looking for a bigger space and attracting more vendors.

Did you check out the Night Market? Any rants or raves?
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