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Who Is Your Favorite San Diego Bartender?

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Photo: Nikki Stout

The return of Eater's Cocktail Week is nearly upon us. From October 28-November 1, we'll be covering all the latest and greatest developments in the world of shaken and stirred spirits, including profiles of bartenders, maps of the best happy hours and new cocktail dens in town, and other drunken delights. As part of the upcoming festivities, we want to know: Who Is Your Favorite San Diego Bartender?

Share the names of the men and women behind your favorite bars, whether it's an innovative craft cocktail hotspot, a classic and timeless old school bar or your neighborhood watering hole. We'll be taking note of your responses and finding out where, and what, these drink pros like to sip themselves, so please do share with the class in the comments (or via e-mail, if you prefer).