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Ramen Shutdown: Gaijin Noodle + Sake House Closes

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Well this is a bummer. Executive chef Antonio Friscia dropped the news on Facebook today; Gaijin Noodle + Sake House has shuttered.

The downtown eatery, known for their ramen, yakitori and buns, called bao baos, was opened by The West Group (Bar West, The Griffin) in early 2012. Gaijin recently played host to Guy Fieri and was also one of the main residencies for the cocktail-ing trio, the Queen-Connor-Ward Collective.

We're hearing that for now, chef Friscia will continue his partnership with Campine Catering; he's currently scheduled to appear at this Sunday's Celebrate the Craft. Eater will update this story with more info as it becomes available.
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Gaijin Noodle + Sake House

627 4th Ave San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 238-0567