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Meatballs, Done Your Way, at Soda & Swine

Soda & Swine's doors will open on February 18, and the eatery has released the final version of their menu, which is fairly similar to the preview that Eater got back in November.

If you've been to The Meatball Shop in NYC, there's a little deja vu in the menu's setup, which allows you to choose a type of meatball, sauce and cheese and determine if you want it in a single slider or a more substantial submarine sandwich. Jason McLeod, Consortium Holding's corporate chef who'll be holding things down in the kitchen, also added snacks and starters like spherical meat wonder that is a Scotch egg, house made pickles and crispy burrata-topped polenta with a spicy tomato sauce. The "soda" part of Soda & Swine comes in the form of a long list of retro and craft sodas.
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