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The Haven Pizzeria Coming To Kensington

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4051 Adams Avenue
4051 Adams Avenue

[All photos by Candice Woo]

A kind reader, and Kensington resident, asked Eater to check on the status of the newest restaurant in the neighborhood, The Haven Pizzeria.

General manager Kate Grimes gave us a peek at the new Adams Avenue spot, which opens in March for daily lunch and dinner. Grimes used to run a Pacific Beach coffeehouse with The Haven Pizzeria's owner Lauren Passero, who took over the Kensington Cafe four years ago.

The restaurant is named for an eccentric local resident, Dr. Glen Havens, who dug 700 feet of tunnels and caverns under his Kensington home. Dubbed Havens' Caves, they were a popular neighborhood attraction, especially for kids, in the 1950's and '60's.
Grimes says they're hoping the new pizzeria will be equally family-friendly. There will room for 50 people inside, and a new sidewalk patio with seating for 20. Chef Kevin Strombel will be manning the open kitchen's deck oven, baking up 8 and 14" pizzas(regular, wheat or gluten-free crusts) with toppings that range from the traditional to Brussels sprouts, crispy salami and vegan sausage.

The menu's rounded out by salads, served family-style, and appetizers, including bruschetta, meatballs and shrimp skewers. The Haven will be serving beer, though they don't want to compete with Blind Lady Ale House down the road; the taps here will number a modest six, and be 90% local.
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