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Zagat Launches 2013 San Diego City Guide

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The Google-owned restaurant-rating group, Zagat, has released its first San Diego City Guide, which crowdsources ratings from a reported "11,658 voters ." As in other cities, the guide applies its 30-point rating system (with separate categories for food, decor, and service) to local restaurants, resulting in an eclectic ten-best list culled from Zagat's highlight rankings for "Top Food."

This year, Sushi Ota took the top spot, with Tao in Normal Heights coming in second. Carnitas' Snack Shack placed eighth and Donovan's Steak House snagged the tenth berth.

Here's the entire Zagat Top Ten Food Ranking for San Diego:

1. Sushi Ota
2. Tao
3. Market
4. Tapenade
5. Pamplemousse
6. Vincent's
7. Ruth's Chris
8. Carnitas' Snack Shack
9. Snooze
10.Donovan's Steak Restaurants

Carnitas' Snack Shack also took first prize in the "Top Newcomers category", where it was joined by Snooze, Slater's 50/50, Wang's North Park and Underbelly; Betrand at Mister A's and Addison scored Top Decor and Top Service, respectively.

What do you think of Zagat's San Diego rankings? Sound off in the comments.
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