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Food Writers Predict 2013 Dining Headlines

Introducing a new tradition for Eater San Diego, a closeout of the year in food with a survey of friends, food media, industry experts and bloggers. We've already covered the Top Restaurant Standbys, Top Newcomers, the One Word to Sum Up the Food of 2012, Top Dining Neighborhoods, the Biggest Dining Surprises the Best Meals of 2012 and the Restaurants We Broke Up With. In this final installment, our food writers predict 2013's San Diego Dining Headlines. Feel free to play along and add your own answers to this year-end food survey in the comments and thanks to our panel!

herringbone%20mine.jpg[Herringbone by Candice Woo]

Q: What are your San Diego dining world headline predictions for 2013?

Amy Granite, The Grubby Bitch columnist, San Diego CityBeat: Pop-up bubble bursts: Diners sick of top dollar experimental cuisine by no-name chefs.

Caron Golden, Local Bounty columnist, San Diego Magazine: Less emphasis on molecular manipulation and more on simplicity, using global flavors.

Michele Parente, Features Editor, U-T San Diego: San Diego continues to wallow in is third-tier culinary town status. Rachel King continues her reign as the Queen of Sweets. Brian Malarkey continues to overextend himself. There continues to be no excellent Italian food in San Diego.   

Roddy Gibbs, Rodzilla Reviews: Mexican haute-cuisine influence and collaborations. A lot of credit can be given to Javiar Plascencia and Mision 19 for turning Tijuana into a culinary hot-spot. I think we'll be seeing a lot more chefs and restauranteurs collaborating on this side of the border, a la Jay Porter's pop-ups and collaborations at El Take it Easy.

?Marcie Rothman, FoodbuzzSD: Chad White, Luke Johnson and others reinvent themselves, yet again.

Barbarella, Diary of a Diva columnist, San Diego Reader: Restaurants Offer to Text Food Pics to Instagrammers as Dishes Leave Kitchen

Josh Kopelman, publisher, Dining Out Magazine: Portlandia episodes become required viewing for all Slow Foodists. Brian Malarkey sells all his restaurants to David Cohn. ;0)

Alice R., Alice Q. Foodie Things will continue apace — nothing much will change. When the economy picks up steam in 2014 and 2015, I think we will see some exciting developments. 

Amy Finley, contributor, Riviera Magazine: Farm to table is the new normal! Chad White breaks his 2012 record for job changes. And rabbit finally gains traction on San Diego menus as chefs turn their focus to regional flavors and explore the inland geography of San Diego.

Candice Woo, editor, Eater San Diego: More cross-border culinary collaborations, more fine dining chefs opening smaller neighborhood projects and more craft breweries developing beers with food in mind.