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The 2012 Year in Food Summed Up in One Word

Introducing a new tradition for Eater San Diego, a closeout of the year in food with a survey of friends, food media, industry experts and bloggers. This year, we asked the group questions that ranged from their thoughts on Meal of the Year to 2013 Dining Predictions and we'll be posting their unedited responses throughout the week. We've already covered the Top Restaurant Standbys and Top Newcomers. Here, our experts sum up the 2012 San Diego food scene in one word. Readers, feel free to play along and add your own answers to this year-end food survey in the comments.

table%20926.jpg[Table 926 by Candice Woo]

Q: What word would you use to sum up the San Diego food scene in 2012 ?

Amy Finley, contributor, Riviera Magazine: Hustling!

Marcie Rothman, FoodbuzzSD: Mediocre (laid back service with so-so food to a mostly undiscerning populace)

Alice R., Alice Q. Foodie Cautious

Michele Parente, Features Editor, U-T San Diego: Timid 

Erin Jackson, San Diego contributor, Serious Eats: Street (food)

Roddy Gibbs, Rodzilla Reviews: Appreciative. The appreciation for San Diego's quality local bounty seems to be higher than ever before and the dining community as a whole seems to be much more appreciative of San Diego's culinary scene.
Amy Granite, The Grubby Bitch columnist, San Diego CityBeat: Rising

Kirk K., mmm-yoso: Redundant. Really, yet another gastro-pub? At least it seems that burger joints are hitting critical mass. And while I'm enjoying the "ramen renaissance", it gets kind of old when neighborhood sushi joints start pushing the stuff.

Caron Golden, Local Bounty columnist, San Diego Magazine: Mouthwatering 

Barbarella, Diary of a Diva columnist, San Diego Reader: Truffle Oil

Josh Kopelman, publisher, Dining Out Magazine: Fresh

Keli Dailey, restaurant and bar reporter, U-T San Diego: Flatbread

Jane Bills, Let There Be Bite: Pop-ups!

Candice Woo, editor, Eater San Diego: Hopeful