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ZOMG Gelato: Pappalecco Coming to Point Loma

Pappalecco Little Italy, cgfan's Flickr

Eater's much obliged to the tipster who alerted us to the impending opening of Pappalecco's third location; the next local neighborhood to score their own cafe from the Italian brothers Bucci is Point Loma (3402 Kurtz St.).

Pappalecco's had the spot for a while — it serves as the production facility for their homemade gelato and pastries — but they're scheduled to start serving coffee plus their sweet and savory treats from an open-to-the-public storefront on January 2. The Point Loma cafe is smaller than their Hillcrest and Little Italy outposts, with no inside seating and only a slip of an outdoor patio, but the all-glass interior means that you'll be able to watch the gelato-making and pastry-baking action go down.
· Pappalecco [Official Site]


3402 Kurtz Street San Diego, CA 92108 (619) 238-4590