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MIHO Gastrotruck Goes Brick-and-Mortar

Bottlecraft photo by Candice Woo; Juan Miron & Kevin Ho photo by Studio Castillero

More evidence that North Park is the epicenter of craft beer and food in San Diego; new to University Avenue at 30th Street is the second location for Bottlecraft Bottle Shop (the first is in Little Italy). The store is set to open in the few weeks, but unlike the India Street store, you won't be able to taste beer on the premises (although a Bottlecraft rep says they're working on getting that license too). In the meantime you can buy bottles, and Eater's hearing they'll also sell craft beer kegs.

A new craft beer store would be an exciting tidbit of news on its own, but there's more — Juan Miron and Kevin Ho, the team behind MIHO Gastrotruck and A MIHO EXPERIENCE family of mobile food concepts tells Eater that the new Bottlecraft will also be the site of their first brick-and-mortar project. In their words, the new eatery "will definitely be farm-to-table. And it will be awesome."
· MIHO Gastrotruck [Official Site]
· Bottlecraft Bottle Shop [Official Site]

Bottlecraft Beer Shop

3007 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104