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Cooks Confab Wire

confab%20air.jpgSunday's holiday extravaganza from the Cooks Confab, held in the new East Village event space, Oliver and Rose, set the stage for its Vintage Christmas supper with Christmas carolers in period costume, a Tiny Tim (played by Chloe, of Cafe Chloe) and even a continuous flurry of "snow" falling outside. The Confab's chief confabulieri, Chef Andrew Spurgin, shared with Eater that 2013 might see the chef group's focus shift from dinners centered around a specific ingredient (pig, sustainable seafood, egg, beer) and instead transport diners to particular time and place through the plate and presentation; Spurgin's planning a 60's-style Flight Lounge shindig, complete with flight attendants and a "Mile High" menu for February, and mulling over themes that range from a traditional 16th century Japanese kaiseki cuisine to a banquet from Roman Empire. [EaterWire]