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No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service; Oh, & No Santas

The first annual local edition of global nuisance known as SantaCon wreaked its havoc on the Gaslamp last weekend, and now the jolly, drunken hordes are scheduled to descend upon the North Park neighborhood tomorrow starting at noon for a 10-bar, 10-hour pub crawl.

There's a good cause behind it (Santas are encouraged to bring canned food donations for Mama's Kitchen of San Diego), but it's also an excuse for costumed jokers and sexy Santas to have a reason to disturb the peace.

So if you're a restauranteur or bar owner who's worried about sloppy Santas invading your establishment, Eater's got an early Christmas gift for you. Download, print and post one of these signs and just maybe it'll help ward off the Santa-pocalypse.

If you post up a sign or see a sign, take a photo and send it to; we'll publish them.


No Santas: Go Back to the North Pole
Drunk Santas Not Welcome
We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Drunk Santas

· SantaCon San Diego [Official Site]