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Jayne's Gastropub Aims to Cure What Ails You

All photos via Jayne's Gastropub

Ah, the fine line between liquid medicine and booze. Zwack, a Hungarian liqueur, is digestif made with a healthy heap of 40 different herbs and spices — there's even a first aid symbol on the bottle.

At Jayne's Gastropub, bartender Sarah Ellis doctors up a gin swizzle(lime, gin, soda) with a dose of Zwack and some housemade Eucomint tea syrup. Served in a collins glass over crushed ice, it's called the Ex-Zwack-tly.

Ellis also had your health in mind when naming her favorite hangover cure, what she calls "the breakfast cocktail of the future", a Ramos Gin Fizz that delivers protein(egg whites), calcium(cream) and vitamin C(citrus).
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