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Meatballs and a Casual Encounter: Swine & Soda and Polite Provisions' Food and Drink Menu

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Jason McLeod and Erick Castro by Consortium Holdings

You've gotten a peek at where you'll be drinking and eating, now feast your eyes on what you'll be putting in your mouth when Soda & Swine and Polite Provisions opens for business. At Soda & Swine, Chef Jason McLeod, who spent two years as exec chef of the Grand Del Mar and consulted for La Valencia, is perfecting five kinds of meatballs that'll come as a one-ball slider or meal-sized sub. Pair them with comfort food-y sides like cheesy grits, garlicky mushrooms and bacon with kale, the vegetable of the moment.

Next door at Polite Provisions, bartender Erick Castro's domain, are 46 taps that will soon be flowing with beer, carbonated (and non-carbonated) cocktails (including the Casual Encounter with gin, strawberry and homemade rose petal soda), wine, straight spirits and basically everything to ensure you'll never go thirsty again.

Soda and Swine and Polite Provisions Menu

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Soda & Swine and Polite Provisions

4696 30th Street San Diego, CA 92116