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Say Hello to Eater San Diego!

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2012_11_SDlogoLarge.pngHello San Diego! To all the chefs, restauranteurs and food-obsessed folks who've called, written and begged the team at Eater, telling them that San Diego deserves its own site, your day has come. Eater San Diego is here.

Though you won't find original restaurant reviews, recipes, or food porn here (feel free to post your most salacious pics on our Flickr page); we will keep your plates full with in-depth reporting on the latest restaurant and chef news, fun food-related features, and round-ups of what other food people in this town, and beyond, are talking about. We'll show that America's Finest is more than just fish tacos and flip flops.

We are thrilled to be joining the Eater family of sites, including Eater National, New York, LA, SF, Miami, Austin, DC, Portland, Dallas, Houston, Boston, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Denver, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Seattle, Charleston, Maine and Chicago. Along with San Diego, Eater's launching sites in Louisville and Minneapolis today too. So we're in good company.

A little background on your new editor: I'm a nearly native San Diegan, former cook and freelance food writer who's written for a slew of local publications; I've covered farmers and food artisans for Edible San Diego, sought out hidden restaurant gems for San Diego CityBeat and sat at some of the city's best tables for San Diego Magazine.

My mission is to build this corner of the internet into a trusted and treasured resource for our community—a place for chefs to keep in touch with each other, restauranteurs to scope out their competition and people who just like to eat find out where the good food is. I'm looking forward to telling the stories of everyone on either side of the kitchen door, not only the creative types but also the unsung heroes that keep the wheels turning every step of the way.

I hope that Eater San Diego will be your portal into local food culture. Consider yourselves valued collaborators: your feedback, comments and tips are what will make this site. Nothing you've got to share is too candid or too esoteric; feed us, we've got an appetite for it all.

Please keep in touch and feel free to drop us a line anytime via Let's do this.